Shandong Pharmaceutical Academy was amalgamated by the former Shandong Bio-pharmaceutical Research Institute, Shandong Pharmaceutical Industry Research Institute and Shandong Medical Device Research Institute. It is affiliated to Shandong Lushang Group Co., Ltd. and is a provincial public welfare institution. Located in Jinan High-tech Development Zone, it covers an area of more than 65 acres, and the total construction area of scientific research facilities is 37,000 square meters, including 23,000 square meters of pharmaceutical research building and 14,000 square meters of new drug evaluation center. The Academy takes the independent innovation of drug research as the main starting point. On the basis of optimizing the integration of existing technologies, it builds an innovative drug research and development platform featuring bio-pharmaceuticals, chemical drugs, sugar drugs, marine drugs and natural drugs.

There are 338 researchers in the Academy, including 112 of senior positions and 135 with master or doctoral degrees. In recent years, it has undertaken the  construction of five national-


level platforms, including the national comprehensive new drug research and development technology platform, the national Shandong innovative drug incubation base, the national sugar engineering technology research center, and the national enterprise technology center. It has established 9 provincial key laboratories and engineering technology research centers, 43 national projects and 65 provincial projects; it has got 235 certificates for new drugs, medical devices, and health food registrations, 94 provincial and ministerial-level scientific and technological awards, 147 invention patents, and 6 international invention patents; There are 45 published SCI/EI papers and 13 academic monographs.

The Academy will continuously improve its independent innovation capability, promote the development of high-tech industries, and make new contributions to China's national health cause and economic development.

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